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LaserPro™, fly it like you mean it.


Designed in the golden age of Sport Kites, LaserPro™ Gold is the flagship of the LaserPro™ line. This spectra line is UV resistant and boasts the greatest strength to stretch ratio of any other line.


Flown and proven by top competitors, teams, and freestyle fliers alike, the small diameter fibers, high slickness, and low percentage of stretch allow a flyer to perform in a vast range of conditions with incredible responsiveness.



  • Pre-stretched
  • Bungee secure system
  • Durable and light sleaving
  • Wound on LaserPro™ winders
  • UV resistant line for long lasting success 



 Recommended sets:

  • Intention:

Ideal length: 75'-125'

Strength: 50-100# (SUL), 100# (UL), 150# (ST), 150-200# (VT)


  • Crux:

Ideal length: 50-100'

Strength: 50# (SUL), 50-100# (UL), 100-150# (ST), 150# (STR)


  • Spur:

Ideal length: 40-90'

Strength: 50# (SUL), 50-100# (UL), 75-150# (ST), 150# (STR)


LaserPro Gold Lineset


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