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Your CKD kite comes with pre-tied line attached to the wing tip nock. This is held together by a vinyl end cap that is referred to as a “boot.” There is also a line that runs through a small hole or loop at the tip. This is where the tensioning system will attach to the fabric.




On the Crux and Spur lines, there is a thick fabric loop sewn into the wingtip. The tensioning process is the same, just done through this loop. 


1) To begin, remove the boot and expose the nock and the tensioning line.


2) Place the nock over the exposed tapered tube. On the Spur line, the nock will have a ferrule to insert into the straight tube.


3) Pull the knot over the nock and into the slot. This will tension the wing and hold it in place.



4) After tensioning, slide the remaining tensioning line through the loop in the fabric, back over the nock, and secure the boot for a clean, snag-free finish.







5) Enjoy your flight with your new CKD kite!

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